Code Of Conduct

CODE OF CONDUCT for suppliers to Aalborg Engineering

The Aalborg Engineering Code of Conduct describes our ethical guidelines.

It is of great importance to us - through our contracts and our communication - to ensure that the conditions at our suppliers meet our standards and guidelines – well knowing that legislation and differences in cultures all over the world mean different conditions.

We emphasize to all our partners and suppliers the importance of the production is being carried out by people who are treated with respect and work under good conditions.

Accept and compliance of our Code of Conduct is an integrated part of the business agreements that Aalborg Engineering enters into. It is ensured through contracts, thorough information, continuous reporting and control. The Aalborg Engineering Code of Conduct is in general based on the10 principles mentioned in the "UN Global Compact".

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Aalborg Engineering commits to respect human rights by implementing the guiding principles on business and human rights from United Nations.