Owner Benefits

With the SteamGen™ product range Aalborg Engineering can customize any complete boiler plant with all relevant types of equipment. It is our philosophy that customers buy solutions, not only products or services.

Each individual boiler design is unique in its own way and offers you the level of customization, know-how, flexibility, efficiency, environmental protection, installation, operation and maintenance required for your plant.

Product features SteamGen6 Owner benefit SteamGen6
Fast start up and response time Large turn down ratio
Fully welded Less maintenance
The design is modular built Secure transport, safe and fast erection
Water cooled membrane walls High combustion temperature
Low furnace load Low emissions, stable circulation ratio
Low emissions Environmental friendly energy source
High efficiency Less fuel costs
Low water content Fast start-up and load change rates
A well defined circulation system Accurate performance
No radiant superheater Long lifetime and improved temp. control
Fully drainable Limited risk of frost damage
Easy cleaning of heating surfaces Limited down time for manual cleaning
Stand-by heating Operational boiler at all times


Product features SteamGen8 Owner benefit SteamGen8
Fast start up and response time Direct start on HRSG
Natural circulation No power consuming pumps
High efficiency Less fuel cost
Fully drainable No frost damage during stand still
Modular built Secure transport, safe and fast erection
Easy installed without use of
large cranes
Low installation cost
Small footprint Improved arrangement
Custom-designed Optimised performance
Potential hot water production Further reduction in fuel cost
Installation of emission reduction
Environmental improvements
Stand-by heating Operational boiler at all times