New order from Tüpras

The Turkish refinery owner Tüpras, has placed a order for the new Power Plant on their Kirikkale Refinery, at Aalborg Engineering.

The contract consists of two installations. The gas turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) is the SteamGenTM 6 version and the direct fired, package boiler the SteamGemTM 4.
The order has a value of approx. 20 million EURO.

The HRSG is designed for a LM 6000 gas turbine with supplementary and fresh air firing. The burner fuels vary from various gasses to HFO. The HRSG is considered a base load unit and can switch over between GT, supplementary firing and fresh air firing as required.

The SteamGenTM 4 is considered as a hot standby unit, which is ready to support the refinery with additional steam in emergency cases. It is further possible to feed different pressure levels on the refinery with the boiler.

With this contract number four and a total of six SteamGenTM products sold to Tüpras we are proud to be trusted with this new and more complex project.