Succesfull Erection of SG 4 Modules in Kırıkkale, Turkey

SG4 erection 10053


Aalborg Engineering has successfully completed the erection of SG 4 modules on Tüpraş site in Kırıkkale.The lifting and positioning went well and now they have started setting and alignment.

Aalborg Engineering signed a contract with Tüpras to supply one SteamGen™ 4 Package boiler  and one SteamGen™  6 HRSG with supplementary and fresh air firing for the kirikkale Refinery 80 km outside Ankara, Turkey.

The SteamGen™ 6 in a design with one steam pressure level, has been selected for this project. The SteamGen™  4 will be fired with natural gas, refinery gas and unconverted oil.

The contract covers design, procurement, production, erection and commissioning of both SteamGen™ 4 Package boiler  and a SteamGen™  6 HRSG.


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