Combined Package

The philosophy of the Aalborg Engineering product program is the ability to customize boiler solutions and meet the customer requirements based on proven technology and experience.

Various industry segments have different evaluation criteria. Most customers require the highest availability at the lowest cost. This is the challenge we face when we tailor a solution from our selection of quality boiler designs and engineering capability of auxiliary systems.

Basically our Package Boilers are based on reliable solutions and it is possible to adapt and implement special features, which are important to the individual customer and his plant.

With the SteamGen™ product range Aalborg Engineering can customize any complete boiler plant with all relevant types of equipment. It is our philosophy that customers buy solutions, not only products or services.

Each individual boiler design is unique in its own way and offers you the level of customization, know-how, flexibility, efficiency, environmental protection, installation, operation and maintenance required for your plant.

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