Customer satisfaction

As a part of our partnership philosophy, we offer our customers a permanent expert team of employees on all projects. The team’s primary success criterion is to develop a long-term partnership with the customer, through proactive consulting and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

We prioritize an effective flow of information within internal communication, so projects evolve as planned, and we reach our goals. This flow is supported, among other things, by an advanced project management system, which continuously collects data from the delivered boiler solutions. In this manner, we receive necessary information that allows us to improve upon our processes and solutions.

We strive to work in a true win-win partnership with our customers by providing them with knowledge, expertise and the most efficient solution in the energy industry. We emphasize consulting our customers throughout the entire process; from planning and design, to production and after sales service. The sooner we become a part of planning the project, the better we can offer advice regarding our boilers and the various applications, finding the optimal solution.

Today, Aalborg Engineering already delivers customer specific solutions, but we want to emphasize the individual customer’s perspective even more in the future, by further considering the customer’s added value.

We will strive to meet every individual customer’s technical and operational requirements, and define their three most important success criteria, in order to achieve the best possible result.