SteamGen™ 8

Always external insulation, long lifetime, less maintenance As standard designed for cyclic service, daily starts and stops

In projects where power production is the primary requirement, it is necessary to optimize on criteria other than investment cost. In this product category, Aalborg Engineering can provide the SteamGen™ 8, which offers the best and most readily available HRSG technology on the market.

SteamGen™ 8 is the vertical HRSG for medium-sized gas turbines, and is available both with no supplementary firing, and with limited supplementary firing. The boiler is designed to meet the highest possible reliability combined with the most cost-efficient solution.

The vertical SteamGen™ 8 is as standard designed for 100% natural circulation. There is no need for startup or booster pumps in any load cases. Load change rates are superior with StemGen™ 8 compared to others, due to the built in contingency, high circulation ratio and low steam space rating in the steam drum. Our references include multiple units with decades of cyclic service. These plants have daily start up and shut down according to power prices or consumption. This feature is a built in possibility which might become important in the future power market.

Due to the vertical arrangement the required space can be optimised. This flexibility includes locating the GT below the HRSG with exhaust vertical upwards. The limited space requirement is also an important criteria for offshore and city centre locations.

The SteamGen™ 8 boiler is designed according to internationally recognized boiler codes such as PED/EN.